Erik James Thomas

Erik Thomas

Hi! My Name is Erik

I must say that I genuinely love to create and develop web solutions. I have been designing and developing websites since 2009 once I gratuated from Robert Morris University. Learning and using different technologies on projects is what makes developing websites such an enjoyable experience for me. I never back down from a challenge as I firmly believe that if it needs to be down there is a solution out there to do the trick. I primarily develop in WordPress as I find using this platform has very few limitations for my needs.

To provide a well rounded view of who I am, I will tell a bit more about the other things that I enjoy doing. I really enjoy meeting new people, I learn something new and interesting from people everyday and I feel that makes me a better, more well rounded individual. I also enjoy outdoor activities (that can be done in the city) such a biking, walks, and basketball. I do have a passion for fitness as well, I believe that it helps me have better focus in life.

If you think you might want to know more or get coffee you can contact me using any of the methods below. I look forward to meeting you or if you decide not to reach out that's ok too, but thanks for visiting.

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Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Show Invite

I created this invitation for a women that was having a themed baby shower. She was having a movie themed shower and want the invitation to reflect a going to the movies feel. So I created a movie theater ticket with a silhoutte of a pregnant women along with all the information relevant to the baby shower itself. She want a softer color so I chose a light brown with a neutral of white.

Fresh Food PGH

PGH Food Bank Logo

I worked with the Pittsurgh Food Bank to create a new logo for their Fresh Food PGH fundraising initiative. The logo was to represent organically grown high quality food that is produce here in the Allegheny county area as well as some of the surrounding counties.

The final logo was the evolution of a plant from being a seed to a full grown plant ready to harvest. This transistion depicted exactly what the Food Bank wanted to portray in their fundraising efforts.

Neil Haley Radio Show

Neil Haley Radio Show

Neil Haley is a local radio host and TV host and was in need of a new website to help expand his brand. The idea was simply and straight forward he wanted to highlight that he was a local guy that was interviewing many of the talents across sports and entertainment. He wanted his potential guests to be able to visit his website and see what he is all about as well as see some of the people that he has interviewed in the past.

I was able to achieve his vision with a clean design that utilized white space well. I built the site using WordPress multi-site as he was housing a few different website on a single server. Using WordPress allows him to easily make updates to his site as need or higher someone to manage his site with little learning curve.

Trinity Home Care

Trinity Home Care

Trinity Home Care LLC is a new in home care service for those in need. I was tasjed with creating a new website for them around their current branding materials. The site was to be very basic to provide information about their services and be very light and inviting. I was able to use their current color palette along with descriptive imagery to create a clean layout.

I developed their site using WordPress to allow them to be able to easily update their content as without having to contact me for minor changes.

AMS Consulting Group

AMS Consulting Group

AMS Consulting Group is a new financial consulting firm tht handles organizations books as well as business planning and tax services. The group was in need of their first website and didn't want to look like all of the other financial organizations. They wanted to reflect a fun and inviting atmosphere which speaks to more than what they were about rather than a strictly corporate website.

I was able to create a website that reflected the look and feel that they were going for while maintaining porfessionalism. The website was developed on WordPress so that the organization can easily manage their blog and content marketing efforts.

Jarik Publishing

Jarik Publishing

Jarik Publishing is a small online publisher that was in need of a new logo. They provided the color palette that was to be used for the project. After a few concepts we landed on this final decision which was finalized and provided to them in numerous formats to allow for scaling and printing.